Featured Artist Archive

May 2022

Ngozi jacket image

Bisa Jacket with Dragonfly Necklace, 2022
Andrea Carter / Ngozi Design
Long sleeve jacket: reversible embroidered cotton with oversized patch pockets reverse side hand pieced Ankara cotton, 32 x 50 in.
Necklace: magnesite, onyx, and pewter, 24 in.

Third Friday showing at Golden Belt Artist Studios

Ngozi Design retraces history through their ONI clothing line, honoring a long tradition of block printing, quilting and unique fashion crafted by Black women and men from West Africa to America. These collections showcase creativity and spirituality through colors, textiles and designs unique to the collective sartorial genius of black men and women here on the continent and in the diaspora. Ngozi Design provides a unique blend of inspirational design and enhanced personal style. Find them in person at Golden Belt Arts, and online at ngozidesign.com and on Instagram at @ngozidesign.

May 2022

Precious Child image

Precious Child / The Only Adult Here is the Dog, 2022
Hyewon Grigoni
Acrylic on canvas

Third Friday showing at 21c Museum Hotel.

Hyewon Grigoni is a Durham, NC based artist who has engaged in a variety of creative practices since childhood, including painting, dioramas, and motherhood. Find her work online at hyewongrigoni.com and instagram.com/supershrinkydink.

April 2022

Three Flowers, Two Mugs image

Three Flowers, Two Mugs, 2022
Anthony Ulinski
Oil paint on canvas
30 in x 34 in

Third Friday showing at PS118.

Anthony Ulinski is a Raleigh N.C. based painter and woodworker. Find his work at PS118 and online at anthonyulinski.com.

March 2022

Last Call image

Last Call, 2022
Danielle James
Found black velvet painting and neon
24 in x 36

Third Friday showing at Hex Neon.

Danielle James is a Durham N.C. based neon bender, designer and metalsmith whose works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Find her work in person at Hex Neon, located within The Durham Fruit, and online at instagram.com/hex.neon and djneonart.com.

February 2022

Meditation by Kate Loughlin

Meditation, 2021
Kate Loughlin
Oil on canvas
48 in x 60 in

Third Friday showing at Cecy’s Gallery & Studios

Kate Loughlin is a Durham-based painter and jeweler. Find her work in person at Cecy’s Gallery & Studios and The Artisan Market at 305, and online at instagram.com/kateloughlinart.

January 2022

Elements Case Study Mebane and Elements Case Study Badin, 2020
Claire Alexandre
Acrylic and paper on canvas
30 cm x 40 cm each

Third Friday showing at 21c Museum Hotel and Provident1898.

Claire Alexandre is an NC-based artist working in a wide range of media and contexts. Find her work online at clairealexandre.com and instagram.com/onlyclairity.

December 2021

Untitled, 2021
Sterling Bowen
Acrylic on canvas
24.5 in x 29.5 in

Sterling Bowen is a Raleigh-based abstract painter. Find his work online at sterling-bowen.com and instagram.com/sterlingbowen.

November 2021

Ukiyo-e Durham 5 Points, 2021
Yuko Nogami Taylor
Watercolor on paper

Yuko Nogami Taylor is a Raleigh-based painter. Find her work in person at 5 Points Gallery, and online at yukotaylor.com and instagram.com/yukotaylor.